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GGM has its headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea, where it has three state of the art manufacturing facilities. Founded in 1979, GGM has today developed into one of the leading global manufacturers of small AC and DC geared motors. Approved suppliers to a range of high profile global brands, GGM has a proven

track record in high quality and high volume production techniques, innovative product design and agile product development, and yet is able offer a very cost-effective solution. Approved to ISO

9001(200) and ISO 14001, GGM continues to re-invest in its design and production capabilities. GGM products are supported worldwide

through a global network of distribution partners and product

approvals include CE and UL..


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For use on Klargester Kingspan Biodiscs BA and BB

Suitable replacement geared motor for the following part nrs:

Klargester Part Nrs: E3000, E3001, E40001, 010429

Panasonic Part Nrs: M9IC60GK4GE, M9IC50GK4GE2, M9IZ50GK4VM1, M9GS200B, MP9200B

ZD Part Nrs: 5IK60GU-CT, 5GU200KS

(When supplied as a complete geared motor)

Sewage Tank Geared Motor

£159.00 excl VAT and C&P