Linear controls

current limiting, positioning, synchronising, AC, DC or battery powered

During the early 1990s a Danish company required a compact inline actuator, however as a suitable product was not available on the market, a new design was developed. This new design was nominated for several design prizes, and based on that Concens was formed. From the very start the goal of Concens was to design and manufacture powerful & compact inline actutors. Concens is driven by strong values of commitment, versatility and flexibility. Their aim to be at the forefront of developments within the field of linear motion, in an ever changing market, by offering a combination of design, size and functionality to meet customers’ requirements. Concens has focused on offering compact, well-designed inline electric actuators for use in applications where size, appearance and strength are crucial. Successful applications sectors include medical, rehab, industrial automation, marine and building automation. Concens solutions include actuators, controllers, battery powered solutions, handsets, together with a range of programming tools.


2x Axes Synchronising Controller

The C2-30 controller is designed for synchronising two actuators. Sychronisation is achieved by adjusting actuator speed during motion. On initial power-up both actuators are calibrated using a datuming routine. If synchronisation can not be maintained during normal operation, then the C2-30 controller will stop movement of both actuators, thereby preventing damage. In addition, current limiting is also provided, together with soft start/stop and status LED. The actuators are fitted with Hall Sensors, which give position feedback to the controller.

  • Synchronisation of 2x Actuators
  • Stop/Start, Forward/Reverse Control
  • Current Limiting Protection
  • User Parameterisation

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Supply Voltage12 - 24VDC
Rated Current2x 10A Continuous
2x 20A (25% Duty)
Current Limit Range0.1 - 25A
Acceleration Ramp0.1 - 2s
Deceleration Ramp0.1 - 2s
Digital InputForward
Digital OutputFault-Out
Status LEDYes
Operating Temperature-20ºC to +60ºC
OptionsDin-Rail Mount
USB Programming Lead
Handheld Programming Keypad & Display
Mini-Fit Patch Lead
CatalogueConcens C2-30 DatasheetPDF 1.2MB
Concens Corporate ProfilePDF 2.6MB
General InformationRMA FormPDF 349KB
SoftwareC2-30 ConfigTool Set-Up SoftwareJAR 2.1MB
Training TutorialsC2-30 Initial Wiring
C2-30 Calibration Routine Using Up/Down Buttons
C2-30 Calibration Routine Using A Jumper
C2-30 Configuration Software Installation
C2-30 Parameter Reading And Adjustment
C2-30 Saving And Transferring Parameters
C2-30 Monitoring Function
C2-30 Hall Pulse Test
C2-30 Hall Pulse Calculation
C2-30 Auto-Balance Feature
Concens Actuator Wire Colour Coding

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