environmental policy

Environmental Policy

Gapp Automation Environmental Policy:
For more information about our Environmental Policy please contact:info@gapp.co.uk

“At Rubix UK Ltd. we recognise the environmental impacts of our business and are committed to both reducing our impact on the environment and continually improving our Environmental Management System”

To achieve our aims, we will:

  • Provide environmental training and awareness to our employees
  • Provide appropriate resources for the implementation of this policy
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls, the requirements of compliance obligations and client or insurance requirements
  • Set environmental objectives with the goal of continually improving our environmental performance
  • Invest in technology and projects that result in a low environmental impact
  • Minimise waste being produced throughout all areas of our business and ensure such waste is disposed in a socially responsible manner
  • Promote our recycling scheme throughout the Rubix network
  • Work with our suppliers to improve the environmental performance of our supply chain
  • Protect the Environment

The Environmental Policy is issued to all new employees, available to all employees via the Rubix intranet and readily available to the public and any interested parties upon request.

Vince McGurk
CEO Rubix UK, Ireland & Iceland
17 January 2023

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