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NIASA was founded in 1984 as a result of the expansion of the German group NEFF. 25 years later, NIASA now designs and manufactures a wide range of linear motion solutions used in a variety of industrial sectors. The experience acquired throughout these 25 years, listening to the feedback from their customers, has enabled Niasa to provide leading edge, high quality and reliable linear motion products, renowned in the industrial sector. Due to the experienced technical department, a modern R&D department and a commercial management aimed at forecasting the market needs, Niasa aims to provide strong technical advice on the application of their linear motion products, and generate tailored solutions to meet the needs of their customers. NIASA holds the ISO 9001 :2008 and ISO 1 4001 :2004 certifications and therefore complies with all the essential quality control procedures and environmental regulations which guarantee the reliability of their products. NIASA customers belong to sectors such as automotive, aeronautic, railway, renewable energy, food production and packaging, where quality and service are the two key requirements.


Industrial Linear Actuator

The FJ-Series Linear Actuator range from Niasa offers a rated force from 65kN to 250kN, combining an J-Series gear housing with additional piston rod and steel cover tube. The FJ actuator range offers the benefits of a screwjack with the additional advantage of being able to work under the most demanding environmental conditions with pivoting motion capability. Models include Ball Screw Or Trapezoidal Spindles. The cubic housing allows for universal mounting. Options include manual drive or motorised, AC, DC or servo driven. In addition, Gapp Automation can offer a complete lifting system package (including controls, drives, visualisation, feedback, power transmission).

  • 65kN to 250kN Force
  • Ball Screw or Trapezoidal Spindle
  • Options to Allow Pivoting Motion
  • Variety of Surface Coatings

Linked Products
Rated ForceFJ1 - 65kN (Ballscrew)
FJ1 - 150kN (Trapezoidal)
FJ3 - 250kN (Trapezoidal Only)
Reduction Ratio9:1 - 40:1 (depending upon size)
Travel (mm/input rev)0.25 - 1.11 (depending upon size)
Linear SpeedsUp To 2m/min (standard versions)
DutyUp To 30%, Over 10mins (type dependent)
Mounting OrientationUniversal
OptionsSpecial Designs
Food Grade Specification
Higher Corrosion Protection
Range of Paint Colours
Non-Standard Spindle Pitches
High/Low Temperature Versions
Wide Range Of Accessories
CatalogueNiasa Linear Actuator CataloguePDF 3.1MB
Niasa Main Product CataloguePDF 33.9MB
General InformationLinear Actuator Component OverviewPDF 796KB
Linear Actuator Explosion DrawingPDF 1.0MB
Linear Actuator Selection ExplanationPDF 1.3MB
Linear Actuator Part Number DesignationPDF 568KB
CertificationsISO9001 CertificatePDF 470KB
ISO14001 CertificatePDF 460KB

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