Hydraulic Cylinder position sensors

compact design, suitable for harsh environments, easy installation, long lifetime

SIKO has more than five decades of experience in length, angle and speed measurement. Due to high demands from their customers, in both the industrial and mechanical engineering sectors, this has resulted in outstanding quality, precision and functionality of the Siko products. Certified to ISO 9001 : 2008, Siko is a global company with five subsidiaries and approximately 60 worldwide distributors, ensuring direct sales and technical support to customers both nationally and internationally. Globally, Siko employ more 200 staff. Siko’s measurement technology product portfolio encompasses five product ranges: Digital position indicators and hand wheels (PositionLine), Rotary encoders, geared potentiometers and measurement indicators (RotoLine), Wire-actuated encoders (LinearLine), Actuators (DriveLine) and Magnetic measuring systems (Magline). Continually innovating, Siko is at the forefront of sensing and measurement technology.

cylinder sensors

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Measurement

Siko's unique range of Hydraulic Cylinder measurement sensors are fully integrated inside the cylinder body, thanks to their compact and clever design. This means that they can be used in very harsh environments yet still offer maintenance free operation and long life. Additional, the expensive and time consuming drilling of the pistion rod is now no longer necessary, meaning installation is very simple and fast.

  • Extrememely Robust
  • Long Lifetime
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • High Tolerance to Vibration and Shocks Loads
  • Suitable for Safety Critical applications

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Measuring LengthUp To 5m
Housing MaterialAluminium
CANopen Safety
SAE J1939
Redundant Analogue
Redundant CANopen
Redundant SAE J1939
Wire MaterialStainless Steel
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RoHS/Reach/WEEE DeclarationPDF 239KB

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