Hypoid gearboxes

compact & powerful design, high efficiency, low backlash, smooth running, maintenance free, long lifetime, high ratio

ATEK has been producing gearboxes for more than 30 years, with its core focus on right-angle power transmission. The company is driven on solving drive engineering problems – in a technically competent, economical, reliable and fast manner! Developed and assembled in the Hamburg region and distributed throughout the world, the Atek range of products have gained a large market share, which has been steadily growing over the years. The modularly structured product range primarily comprises of bevel, worm and servo gearboxes. The angular gearboxes stand out thanks to their compact design, extensive performance and wide range of ratios. Due to Atek’s production capabilities and high stock holding, products can often be despatched within a few hours.

hypoid Gearboxes

Precision Hypoid Right Angle Gearboxes

Hypoid gearboxes are highly precise and powerful right angle, axially offset gearboxes. These dynamic gearboxes are ideal for use in demanding applications, due to their powerful and compact design. Hypoid gearboxes have gear sets with high quality hypoid toothing made of hardened carburised steel. The gear set comprises of one pinion shaft (small number of teeth / small diameter) and one bevel gear (large number of teeth / large diameter). Gear sets with spiral toothing offer the advantage of optimised engagement factors (high meshing ratio) and therefore are ideally suited to high loads. Additionally, the axial offset between pinion shaft and gear results in higher sliding motion in the tooth contact. This makes it possible to achieve very smooth running and high transmission accuracy.

  • Dynamic, Powerful, Compact Design
  • Long Lifetime
  • Low Backlash
  • Special Surface Treatments

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Gearbox Rated Torque25Nm - 1444Nm
Gearbox Ratio8:1 - 15:1
Gearbox Size90 - 260
Backlash2 To 5 Arc Mins
IP RatingIP54
Housing MaterialAluminium


Output Shaft Design
Shaft Seal Type
Reduced Backlash
IP Rating Upgrade to IP56
Surface Treatment
Paint Finish
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Technical Information

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