magnetic rings

incremental or absolute, high repeat accuracy, single or multiple tracks, suitable for harsh environments

SIKO has more than five decades of experience in length, angle and speed measurement. Due to high demands from their customers, in both the industrial and mechanical engineering sectors, this has resulted in outstanding quality, precision and functionality of the Siko products. Certified to ISO 9001 : 2008, Siko is a global company with five subsidiaries and approximately 60 worldwide distributors, ensuring direct sales and technical support to customers both nationally and internationally. Globally, Siko employ more 200 staff. Siko’s measurement technology product portfolio encompasses five product ranges: Digital position indicators and hand wheels (PositionLine), Rotary encoders, geared potentiometers and measurement indicators (RotoLine), Wire-actuated encoders (LinearLine), Actuators (DriveLine) and Magnetic measuring systems (Magline). Continually innovating, Siko is at the forefront of sensing and measurement technology.

magnetic rings

Incremental or Absolute Rotary Measurement

Siko's Magnetic Rings are magnetically encoded plastic bands which are supplied unmounted or bonded to a solid ring or flange. To prevent measurement inaccuracy at the tape joint, the bonding is done first, and then followed by the magnetic encoding. Due to Siko's high quality manufacturing process, 360o measurement is possible. A key benefit of this technology is that the measurement is done without any contact between the magnetic ring and magnetic sensor, meaning there are no wearing parts, whilst also being insensitive to dust, water and non-ferrous debris.

  • Suitable For Harsh Environments
  • Withstands Shock Loads
  • Bearingless
  • Compact Size
  • Incremental or Absolute

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Pulses Per RevolutionUp To 18 bit
DiameterUp To 406mm
ResolutionUp To 0.0018o
System Accuracy±0.1o
Maximum Repeat Accuracy±1 Increment
Protection ClassUp To IP67
Measurement TypeIncremental
OptionsReference Point
Pole Number
Bore Diameter
Fixing Method
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Siko Product Overview BrochurePDF 3.4MB
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ManualsFor all Manuals, User Guides, Installations Instructions
Dimensions2D & 3D Configurator
CertificatesISO 9001 Quality CertificatePDF 680KB
RoHS/Reach/WEEE DeclarationPDF 239KB

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