miniature dc geared motors

Compact size, 5vDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, planetary, spur, worm, wide range of ratios, long life

Since its establishment in 1979, GGM has been designing and manufacturing AC and DC small geared motors. Based on a determination to manufacture the world's best geared motors, GGM has grown steadily into a strong enterprise that has an important presence on the global stage. The company has been recognized for its success in supplying geared motors with low noise, high efficiency, high strength, long life and price competitiveness, both domestically and globally. This has been due to its continuous technical developments and sound investments. Represented in 50 countries around the world, GGM is renowned for developing and supplying high quality products that meet the needs of the market. Through their affiliation with Korean research institutes, ongoing development of new products and technologies, this has ensured accumulated expertise in the production of small geared motors, and using the state-of-art production equipment.

Miniature DC

Inline and Right Angle Geared Motor

GGM's miniature inline and right angled DC geared motors are designed for low torque applications where space is of a premium. In addition to their very compact design, this range offers low noise operation, long life and high efficiency. This range consist of a high torque compact planetary , inline spur and right angle worm gearboxes fitted to a high efficiency slimline cylindrical dc brushed motor. Various voltages, speeds and torques are available.

  • In-line and Right Angle
  • Planetary, Spur and Worm Gearboxes
  • Variety Of Voltages
  • Wide Selection Of Ratios
  • High Reliability

Linked Products
Motor Body Diameter12mm - 60mm
Output Shaft Diameter3mm - 12mm
Motor Voltage2.4VDC - 90VDC
Rated Geared Motor Torque0.17Ncm - 9.8Nm
Enclosure RatingIP20
CatalogueMiniature DC & Shaded Pole Geared Motor CataloguePDF 16.7 MB
DimensionsMiniature DC Geared Motor (Planetary) CAD DrawingsVarious
Miniature DC Geared Motor (Non-Planetary) CAD DrawingsVarious

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